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6 digital marketing trends

Digital marketing is intimately linked with digital technology: both are working together. Take a look at these 6 digital marketing trends to include in your strategy.

1. Voice

In 2018, 60% of users had already experimented voice search. If the early adopters were focusing on basic local search queries, we can bet that this will lead to a major increase of voice seo.
With the Internet Of Things, voice will also play a key part in built applications, opening the door to a new ecosystem of actions through devices as Alexa, Google Home or Apple Homepod.

2. AI

With the ever-increasing use of social media and online content, data keep on growing at an exponential rate.
Along with big data and interactions, Artificial Intelligence will fast become a must-have when building applications, softwares and defining an improved and smarter experience (bots).

3. Programmatic advertising

The more data available, the more targeted the ads. One heavy use of AI will be through digital advertising, where bids, content and placements of the ads will be streamlined through algorithms for better efficiency.

4. Chatbots

Based on recent surveys for the US market, 60% of respondents declare having used chatbots to first interact with a business.
While keeping interactive agents and avoiding waiting time on customer support or service, chatbots look like the growing ideal solution.

5. Video

In 2018, 55% of people have viewed videos online on a daily basis.
With the average attention time dropping to 2-5 seconds, website content is going through a multimedia revolution. To attract, explain, go further and retain, video is now standing as the best support.

6. Experience and Micro-moments

Last and not least, the notion of Experience has become a central part of digital marketing. And your strategy of experience will not lay anymore on a big picture strategy, but rather a collection of micro-moments. Based on data and personalisation, brands will develop more and more shorter experiences, dedicated to users every time they’re available.