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8 efficient productivity tools

Saving time and doing things efficiently are a must-have for every project. Fortunately, there are now affordable digital productivity tools. Our selection of 8 key solutions.

For a long time instant messaging has been trending for personal use. Slack brings instant messages for the professional world, with a simple yet efficient interface.
Most can already be done with the free version, and gives a clear overview of all possibilities (public and private channels, integration with apps, notifications for events,…).

At a time when we all need to communicate loud and clear, Zoom brings a state of the art video call solution. Where Skype bets on web-based phone discussions, Zoom centers more on video conferencing, with useful features such as:
– possibility to create a meeting link
– possibility to send files and instant screenshots
– possibility to share your screen (entirely or part of it)

For the project management addicts, Trello has set up quite a fun and convenient way to organise projects. 
Whenever you want to run a project, you can find on the market classic softwares such as MS-Project, with super advanced planning, including ressources, holidays,… Trello fits more agile projects, and is inspired by the Kanban methodology, aiming at managing flexible and continuously ongoing projects.
The features are pretty simple in Trello: create as many board as you want, assign cards and drag and drop cards between different statuses.

One key thing of getting organised stands on todo lists. Wunderlist is a simple and powerful tool for that: create categories, as many todo tasks as you want, set up deadlines. Wunderlist syncs between all devices and sends you reminders. For interacting with peers, Wunderlist also lets you share your todo lists with others and add comments on each todo task.

To take the most of all your projects, noting down things is a basic. This is where Evernote will be your best friend. This powerful note application helps you organise your notes into categories, build bridges among them, and synchronise your notes in several devices. More advanced features enables you to create different kinds of notes: drawings, pictures, web crawling,…

Managing all your social accounts in one platform. Hootsuite enables you to schedule your posts in advance and set up publication times for each network. An advanced and customisable dashboards also enables you to follow the activity on your profiles: interactions, mentions, retweets, likes…

How to manage time efficiently between your different projects, different teams,… Toggl is a precious time tracker, which enables you to track all time spent on each project, within teams. A live dashboards makes it possible to view in one click the split of spent time during a week, or another defined period of time.

Calendly helps you easily schedule all your meeting and appointments. Using a live connection with your calendar, Calendly displays your available slots and enables to book a meeting with you in a few clicks.
A must-have to easily manage your meetings.