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Digital consulting agency: how to choose the right one

Working with a digital consulting agency can help you boost your digital presence. Defining the right strategy, setting up the right solutions, building the best experience,…

are some topics an agency can definitely help you with.
However there is a large amount of digital agencies on the market. Follow our tips to select the agency that best fits your needs.

Digital consulting agency: what does it mean?

Digital is a pretty wide word, so you might first pay attention to the agency type. To simplify, you will find several types of agencies on the market:

  • strategy: these agencies support you in building the right strategy, whether your approach is short-term or mid-term.
  • solutions: to build your website, applications, softwares,…
  • advertising: to manage your paid campaigns, SEA, programmatic and emailings.
  • consultancy: to select and dedicate one specific consultant to your projects.
  • digital marketing: to help you build your marketing programs (lead acquisition, user journey, automations…)

How to select the right digital consulting agency

There’s no universal way to do it unfortunately. But paying attention to these criteria below will help you select the right digital consulting agency.

1. Your needs. 
Clearly identify your goals and needs before going to an agency. Indeed you can’t ask for a wordpress website and expect the agency to build a full digital strategy at the same time.

2. The people.
Know who you work with, and ensure to have a right fit. Most of the time, setting up a digital strategy or building digital apps require flexibility, so you need to ensure you can properly work with the people you are talking to.

3. The scope.
Select an agency that will be able to help you scale, and work on other projects later on. Pay attention to the full scope of services and expertises inside the agency.

4. The availability.
Most of the time, all projects are “urgent”. As you have your priorities in mind, be sure to double check the real availability of the agency, and its abilities to commit on clear milestones and deadlines.

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