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Our work

Digital solutions

We help you gear yourself with the best digital solutions.

how we work

Why work with a digital solutions agency?

Choosing the right digital solutions is a key point to succeed.
From your productivity tools to your website and SaaS, you need everything to work perfectly together.

Working with a digital solutions agency helps you build a fluid, simple and efficient digital ecosystem.

At Niaoli, we use our knowledge in digital solutions to audit your organisation and recommend and set up the solutions that best fit your needs.

Why work with us

How can our digital solutions agency help you?


We audit your processes and current solutions to map out the best ecosystem for you.



We help you keep things simple and efficient, with connected and integrated digital solutions.


We help you build a digital solutions ecosystem that will last and scale with you.
Our digital solutions services

What we do

1. Website design

A full design of your website, based on your brand identity and positioning.

2. Ecommerce platform

An integrated ecommerce platform, to increase your online sales and conversion.

3. SaaS solutions

A selection, set up and customisation of the best SaaS solutions for your needs.

4. Digital transformation

A full audit of your activities, mapping and help in setting up your digital transformation.

Work with us

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