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About us

360° digital

We offer 360° digital consulting services, by helping you with a tailor made strategy and support.

Our values

What matters to us

We created Niaoli to help organizations get the best out of their digital presence.
Our digital consultants see consulting as help, which means we’re dedicated to understand your goals, your market, your process.
We deliver practical solutions and plans, and help you both with ideas and execution.

Less is More

We believe in a fair use of resources and achieving more with less. Digital is no exception: we prefer working on quality rather than quantity.


We value things that last and support sustainability. The digital timeline may be instant, but digital success lies in a sustainable approach.

Keep it simple

We love ideas, concepts, data, strategies. But at the end of the day, we make it a purpose to keep things simple and easy for you.


When it comes to brand awareness and digital presence, we believe in transparency, honesty, and natural results.

Our approach

Why work with us

It’s hard to find the right fit when it comes to understanding your business and optimizing your digital strategy.
Our 360 digital consultants make sure that our solutions are the best fit for you and generate sustainable results.
Take a look at our engagements:

Tailor made

Nobody is alike, that’s what makes the world richer. We customize our work to each organization, building unique and tailor made strategies.

Result oriented

The final goal of our work is to drive fast and sustainable results for you. Our strategies and action plans are first result-oriented, making sure you get an immediate return on investment.

Data driven

When it comes to digital, there’s no random event. We believe in data driven decisions and actions, and we help you see and understand the patterns in your data.



A strong plan is great, an efficient execution is better. We help you with a practical approach: our plans come with practical to-do lists, making execution easy to manage.

Our team

The founders

Meet the people who founded Niaoli, and the first digital consultants you’ll talk to.



Co-founder / Digital Marketing Consultant

Convinced by the power of digital marketing tools, she helps organizations to reach new clients segments & new opportunities, meet new challenges & set up new goals.



Co-founder / Digital Strategy Consultant

With 18 years of experience in digital marketing, Olivier has a track-record on digital strategy and growth-hacking plans.


Get in touch

Get in touch with our digital consultants for information, a quote or advice.