We like to think digital with a 360° angle.

Our mission is to empower you digitally:
– building your digital strategy
– selecting and setting up the best digital solutions
– designing the ideal digital marketing mix.

Whether you’re starting a project or wanting to scale, we’re here to help you build a powerful digital presence.


Olivier Hoareau

Previously CEO of the web company be on web and Digital Marketing Manager for Optimy. 18 years experience in Digital Strategy, transformation and Marketing. Founded niaoli in 2014 to help organisations worldwide with their digital transformation.



Digital Strategy

A proper mix of intelligent technologies and digital. A powerful digital strategy is first of all operational and practical.

We provide you with an analytics based digital strategy, with a data-driven approach and operational patterns.

We help you build a powerful, efficient and sustainable digital strategy.


Digital Solutions

For 51.6% of organisations, having great technology partners is the primary factor to drive effective digital transformation.

Based on your DNA, culture and current processes, we deliver a simple and effective map to digital transformation.

We help you digitally transform your activities, while keeping your processes simple.


Digital Marketing

A performant digital marketing lays on Experience.

Through an integrated mix, automations and multi-channel stories, we tirelessly challenge the best possible experience for your visitors, prospects and consumers.

We empower your digital marketing with senses.


Free audit

We all start somewhere.
Our free audit guarantees we will be able to bring you results. A first audit of your digital strategy, solutions and marketing, delivered to your inbox.

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